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Urtuk is an open-world RPG with tactical turn-based battles in a dark, low fantasy world. 

Journey with a band of adventurers across an old, destroyed world. Fight your way through harsh environments. Recruit new followers, loot gear. Try to survive.

If you purchase the game on itch.io, you will get a Steam key automatically when Urtuk gets released on Steam.


  • Survival RPG with focus on combat and world exploration in a dark fantasy world
  • Tactical turn-based combat with large maps, and environmental tactical options and carefully throughout class/skill system
  • Procedurally generated survival campaign
  • Upgrade your characters with extracts from fallen enemies
  • Hand-drawn graphical assets, from the world-map to battlefield, along with all characters and map objects
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux

Dynamic battles

Ram your enemies into spikes or death pits! Shield your allies and trigger counterstrike. Get automatically a ranged support from your allies when doing melee attacks.  Or execute combo attacks with many possible options!

Ramming into spikes:

Pushing off cliff:


Extract skills and traits from fallen enemies and apply them to your characters! They can totally change the character's role in the battle. For example, a character can push an enemy on a critical hit. Or cause retaliation when being hit. Or avoid a lethal strike and do a lifesteal counterstrike against the attacker!

Additionally, your characters learn new skills when executing specific actions in battles. You have to pay attention!


The world in the game is a place of pain, suffering and darkness, set with (light) fantasy features. Urtuk is the name of main character. His story begins when he escaped from the Sanatorium, a place where medical experiments take place on common people. Urtuk's escape was successful thanks to his fellow old friend - Eldric.

Urtuk has suffered a mortal disease, a mutation in the Sanatorium. With every day, his health condition worsenes.. Now he searches for a cure in the world. It's only matter of time, when his mutation evolves to a level, when he finally dies.

The world is set into dark, grimy theme. There are no classic fantasy beings like elfs, dwarfs or dragons, nor powerful magic, although there are some light magical features involved.

Many centuries ago, there were powerful Giants roaming the world. They lived peacefully with humans until a war between Man and Giant began.

Now the Giants are extinct. Some years ago, few librarians studied the bones and remains of ancient Giants. They did experiments and found out, they can extract a mystical fluid from their remains - Life Essense. With this, they could add many beneficial elements into human body. Not yet known, what exact impact this fluid on a human has, the experiments continue.. Very often, instead of improving the health condition of the targe, an opposite effect would take place, inflicting a mutation or lethal disease. This was the case of Urtuk.

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Buy Now
On Sale!
25% Off
$20.00 $15.00 USD or more

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urtuk-0.85.01-win.zip 352 MB
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urtuk-0.85.01-linux64.zip 356 MB

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