New build available - 0.85.11


after 2 weeks of hard work, we released another update. This time it resolves around UI improvements and overall game balances.


- on world map, when you visit a node with some quest, the popup initiates automatically
- focus max is now increased by 3% per level (lets test this and evaluate if ok)
- music fixes
- bear trap small update (nerved a little bit)
- savenames have now <version> suffix appended to filename to track game's version when saved
- lots of UI improvements
- bugfixes,  class balances
- new start game screen (lots of updates)
- UI sounds updates
- added 'elite' visuals for swamper classes
- added toggable display of hex elevation levels (hold SHIFT or toggle via new icon on right), works also in deploy phase
- added some missing text, or improved existing ones
- added 'skip intro' to Intro battle
- added basic 'click', 'disabled' and 'invalid' UI mouse sounds
- battle advisor ajustments on how it triggers (first time in Intro, then in next battle about the Deployment mechanics)
- aded new 'explicit' (optional to use) buttons for issuing commands like move, attack, cast spells,... You can see a "toolbox" at the bottom screen.
  the old, "implicit" UI system still co-exists, so you can use both, based on your own likings
- added better UI hints why you can't attack a target
- deployment tutorial added
- better timeline (turn-order) highlightning on who is on turn (top)
- now the 'extended UI details' are shown always. You can disable it via the 'heart' icon in battle
  screen, and to show the details, just hold CTRL
- party screen - added better explanations on the STATS

- saves won't be compatible (sorry)

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