Update 0.87.08+53

Hello all,

this is a major update:

There is the new Evolution Stone. You can use it, to upgrade your existing traits (natural or absorbed) up to level 10. By default, the traits come at level 4. Evolution Stone can be obtained as some battle rewards like "The Battle of X..".

Then we have overhauled the weaponsmith and armoursmith:
1. both can now enhance (infuse) an existing mutator into a gear, weaponsmith can enhance melee weapons and armoursmith can enhance armour (helmet, shield, torso protection).
2. weaponsmith can now equip any melee weapon type, armoursmith can equip any armour gear (helmet, shield, torso protection). So you might start to experiment with new builds.
Also, both have kept their ability to auto upgrade your gear while traveling in the world map.
Then we've finalized the visuals for the elite skins (werebeasts, ..).

New game feature - "Beast taming". There is a new 'sub-class' created - the Beastmaster, it's a version of the Hunter, but he can do more! When all conditions are set, you can tame an enemy beast to your side until the end of battle. Makes the fight a bit more fun if you'are against legions of beasts :)

New unlocks after beating the game with a faction (humans, swampers, forsaken, vamps, werebeasts, beasts, ???). These unlocks are 3 extra mutators for choosing when starting new campaign, also now, you can't select any weapon/armour, instead only mutators are for selection. And you can select three of them for your start party!

..and much much more!

Here the changelog:

Village center/reinf. battle: capped max reinf. size to 9
Decreased master volume by 50% (music & sound)
minor fix

chinesse loc. updates

Village center/reinf. battle: map-regen adjustments, and one of the allies will always be a javelinier
- to help to break into the 'village'

Treasure hunters ambushed - moved their spawns closer to player
improved the 'ally spawn generation' for village battle(yellow center)
gx updates
removed Porcupine disengagement (deso only)
install/publish scripts updated

AI: units will 'Spearwall' will now be more likely cast it
AI: priest will now use 'sacrifize' ability

small updates
Added logic for 'tranditional chinese'
Added elite skin for werebeast axeman
Werebeast engager: added elite skin

Village fight (yellow center) with allies: now if you save at least one ally, you'll be rewarded with the Evolution Stone
Soldier perk: increased the bonus armour protection per progress 3% -> 5%, and max 40% -> 50%. Reduced the HP lost threshold to progress 13% -> 12%
Added new mutator type: "Evolution Stone" - grants an upgrade of some traits of the class. Is destroyed upon use.
small updates

When starting new game, you can now select also a Blacksmith(villager) class from the selection (just for testing purposes)
Weaponsmith & armoursmith can now equip any melee weapon and any armour (helmet, shield or torso arm.)
Added new trait: "Weapon enhancer" - armoursmith & weaponsmith both have it and now will be able to 'enhance any melee weapon' with any equipped mutator.
minor fix

bugfix with Blacksmith

Blacksmith class devided into two separate classes: Weaponsmith(can equip all melee weapons) and Armoursmith(can equip all armour types and staff). Also, in the Start screen, you can select both classes

'Battle Of X' battle now rewards you with an additional Evolution Stone
some udpates

Evolution Stone: now can be applied only to 'scalable traits'.

Strong Vs Beast renamed to Strong Vs Monster and now also triggers against Vampires

weaponsmith/armoursmith will now roll for gear when rewarding. Also they are now treated as warriors when evaluating the 'champion' perk
Ambushed treasure hunters battle: now you can control the allies from start, reduced intial enemy size by 20%, if all 3 survive, you get the Evolution Stone as reward

Added "Ambushed beastmasters" battle quest to battle types pool
Aggressor: banishing 'unprivilliged individuals' will now occur only on each 4th day (so the new characters have a chance to be useful while in party..)
Deso.diff. only.:revenants will receive same extra traits as their necro/valdor contra classes
Aggresor (revenant): they won't banish smiths anymore
Weakened effect bugfix: the effect lasts for turns (before it was lasting for 'hits')

bugfix (abilities)

small updates
Ambushed beastmasters quest: high tier mutator as extra reward
Ambushed beastmasters quest: lifestone as extra reward
Beastmaster's 'Taming shot' is now overfocus ability
Added 'human' visual variants for the Assassin classes (normal & elite)

Added placeholder avatars for elites
updates (gx)
raised +dmg per STR to +2.5% (was +2%) - but only for player This means a total +25% damage increase. Note that AI keeps +2%/STR.

Bugfix: after taming beast, the battle won't end once all enemies dead
minor bugfix

Taming shot: now only 1 tamed unit is allowed at once. Beastmaster has this ability by default (was overfocus).
bugfix for 'grab and die' - now works also with ranged attacker (like Victor)
beast turtle, puller and valdor shieldbearer gained another absorp.slot (1->2)
small bugfix

Amos: removed the 'training' unavailability, and added 'Revenant' trait. So watch him in battles!
Ivadd bugfix
added missing elite avatars

Added StrongVS Brutes (blunt+axe) and StrongVS Swords
Removed Strong VS LowHP
Strong VS Crippled now applies also against stunned
removed Strong VS stunned
simpl.chinese polished
Strong VS Poisoned also applies against Acided

simpl.chinese loc.updates
Ambushed beastmasters quest: now also reinf. will appear
Ambushed beastmasters quest: made the enemy more aggressive
Tamed beasts won't panic anymore on enemies death

swamp battlefield: added 'swamp style' tall grass
Ivadd after recruiting: added back few of his former traits

trad.chinese updates
added new, extra mutators for each won faction (so 7 factions x 3 mutators = 21 extra mutators)
simpl.chinese updates
Protector trait: now also plate wielders can use it

Added 'teaser mutators' into start item pool
small fix in game setup UI
minor updates

Revenant beasts quesst: now you can be rewarded with a relic (50% chance).
russian loc.updates
Added 'tall grass' visuals for dungeon biome

quest updates

All 'recruit/rescue' battle quests: now instead of 'human' classes you will get your starting faction units. The starting class is determined by Urtuk's class (so in case you choose Urtuk as smith, all those new recruits will be *-smiths  )
bugfix for Angel's pact when auto achieved.
simpl.chinese updates
trad.chinese updates
small updates
There still might be few which will have the human classes - but that's intended.

Recruitable classes in quests: if your Urtuk is smith/revenant, you will get only human classes.
small updates

trad.chinese gx udpates

trad.chinese gx updates
russian loc.updates
minor bugfix
Vampire recruits now restricted to human classes

Werebeast elites: added extra traits 
Enhance mission now costs 30 alcohol
Werebeasts recruits now restricted to human classes
minor fix

bugfix (and refactor of getHashcode()) for class traits & sub-classes: should fix the variant localized traits merge issues 

Natural Resistance now also removes Acid.
Beastmaster battle: reduced reinf. beasts to 5, was 7
Barrel thrower range: 8-20 hexes

added new Fort map (by David)
beastmaster & beast revenants quests are now available in zone2+ 
Endgame (final boss) quest: now after beating the final boss, it triggers the 'game won' status. There will be no further/chainned quests anymore (maybe I'll add in future). New factions & items will unlock and you can still continue playing. 
Taming beasts: improved the logic
bugfix: tamed beasts that become hostile are still under the player's control
Barrel thrower range: again 3-20 hexes
Slaughterer: max damage bonus is now 75% (was 100%)

This update is NOT save compatible :(



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Thanks for all of your hard work on the game!  I've played an awful lot of it, but I keep going back to .85 because I so much enjoy using a Javelinier or two to build up towers and chokepoints in which to fight.  It feels like only three charges of tile raise/lower to start with isn't enough now.  I think raising the starting uses to six or seven would be enough to make the Javelinier better at his task without going crazy with unlimited ones.  Please consider for a future update; I'd like to play through and see more of your changes!  Thanks for making a great game!!

Great update! thx

glad you like it!