Major update (0.87.03+11)

Hello all,

A month has passed since we updated the builds here on itch. But now the time has come to do this! And by big time :)

We are here with lots of improvements, balancing, tweaks and additions. Also we've added a new faction - the Forsaken, banners for characters and much much more!

but let's summarize all of this in the changelog (warning: it's quite a long list)


Berserker: removed Improvizer, added Flagrant; Bloodknight: added Masochist & Repose
ironman saving - now also creates backup of previous ironman save.
added new 3 music tracts (1 for worldmap, 2 for battles) b
party screen music - doesn't change from previous screen
battlefield map: enemies are now faced towards player
bugfix (hammering not applying immobilized & weakened effects)
Bloodknight - added Masochist trait, some text fixes
axe werebeast: removed "heavy attack", collosus trait: +75%dmg -> +65%dmg
Healer - now doesnt create medicine randomely while traveling. Created a new mission type - "Create Medicine" so you can tell exactly when to create a med. Missions not applicable are not visible in the mission popup anymore
Revenant start party - added necroreaver javelinier and valdor assassin
crossbow damage -10%, 1-hand axe +20% damage
Projectile blockers now block projectiles with 100% (was 90%)

Reflexive skin - no stamina cost, instead cost is 10% of current HP (if above 25% HP).
refactor, footman spine2d updates (deflect)
Necro Skin: max DR is 36% (was 30%)
Angel's pact now is guaranteed to consume 2x lethal hits/effect within turn/next-turn.
added new special hex tile 'Tall Grass'. Grants hit-chance penalty for ranged units firing at a character remaining in the grass.
added new feature: projectile deflection; added new class: 'forsaken defender'
spearwall: first 3 hits are 100%, then it's 0%.
for Conquest mode, global XP gain is 2x
Naming sites (showing only when captured by player)
Garrison at any player owned site; garrisoned members autolevel up (75%-100% of main party level)

when Injured, your max HP in battle is reduced by 33% (all difficulties).
projectile deflection: now also works on the deflector self, and stamina cost=0. Let's see if that won't be OP, but I find it very situational because of positioning & terrain.
campaign camera can be zoomed to 200%
protector % to shield reduced to 33% (was 40%)
Valdor outpost quest: better reward
forsaken updates
conquest updates, added Forsaken Shieldbearer
Relic worshippers - max 1 party to be send after your acquire the relic;
'projectile deflectors' units will also deflect 'missed' hits of own allies (to avoid friendly fire)
ranged AI will target 'projectile deflectors' units with much lower priority
conquest updates
spearwall stamina cost=30(was 25), after 3rd hit, hit chance is 20%.
minor fix
Masochist: max. damage modifier is 50% (was 100%)
tiring criticals: reduced the speed penalty base (-30 -> -15)
overfocus abilities are now shown in UnitInfo & traits list


(merged other versions 0.86.00 .. 0.87.01)
Mutators extraction: distribution changed
Mutators extraction: now you get much more after battle
stun recovery triggers earlier on multiple stuns
projectile deflect - made the 'check range and height' a bit more wider (to make the whole feature a bit more reliable)
Urtuk possible mutations added: Repose,Speeder,Rage and Overdose removed.
AI Shamans won't cast berserk on already berserked allies; Mutator absoptions duration reduced -25%
Quick Reflexes boost
"Sharp eyes" mutator made scalable
added 'Reinforcements' to fort sieges (all types, inc. final battle
AutoResolve (conquest) with win result yields mutators (didn't before)
Armourer/Weaponsmith - increased the chance to upgrade (4%->6%) per day
made the garrison UI more compact if >32 members
added 'conquest' button into main menu bonefisher
overfocus abilities are now shown in UnitInfo & traits list

Boiling oil spreading is now at fixed rate instead of RNG
few improv. on siege reinf.
sieges: ranged units are not rooted in the gun port anymore.
Tall grass & Gun port: reduce damage instead of reducing hit-chance
projectile blocker blocks at 95% (was 100% but was causing confusion when not even attackable targets were in range b/c of hit-chance=0%).
reinf. for sieges is disabled for easy dif.

added new battle quest: 'Troubled villagers' (reiforcem. mechanic)
Boiling oil now spreads also onto hexes where a unit stands
siege reinf. disabled (again) for normal/easy diff., and added new warning messages, and you can't retreat while reinf. arrive and are alive (kill them to be able to retreat)
siege reinf. strength adjustments for all difficulties (scales 25%(easy) up to 100%(desolation))
bugfix: enabled showing achiev.traits in Unit Info screen (was bugged and so hidden)
boil.oil reduced spreading rate by 20%
Sharp Eyes don't scale HP
villagers (all types) have "light foot"

added new biome atlas: 'obsidian'
added 'Macemaster' to the types of Weaponmaster, also added strongVs Armour for the random trait as reward.
new music track added
"Protector" made scalable mutator
new battle quest: ReinforcedEnemyVSDefenders
AI: if enemy char. has 'Light Foot' and is blocked by his ally, he will swap with him.
removed boiling oil from one siege map
added better descriptive UI for failing loading save files.
allies AI improvements in many battle objectives/quests
'under siege' allies AI: made more aggessive
added the ability to delete saves
improved condition for siege enemy reinf. for evaluating when we are 'inside fort'
Added 'loading screen' when descending to next zone
village battle (oil): they hold off for the player to attack first
engaging strike & speawall hit won't apply on-hit effects like criticals anymore
prisoner calamity: vampire, revenant added.
banner updates
Vampire & Werebeasts can now be 'civilized' and thus won't injur party members when out of blood/flesh. Added 'Banner selection' to party screen.
update (banner UI in party sc.)
volcano calamity: oil spreads slower and cools off.
boiling oil: lowered damage 15->10%
banners update, alter terrain charges at start is 3(was 6), then you regain 1 charge/turn
config.allowSoftwareMode = true; for soft openGL when hw openGL fails.
added 'banners' for characters. spine2d done. Now we need to just add them.
Vampire perk: now can also exists as non-injuring member (ie. will take only blood wage)
Angel's pact - if depleted, it will show in the traits list (big tooltip)

Bounty Hunters - added adaptive challenge factor (ie. if you have abundant numbers of members in party, the challenge increases)
added sounds/voice to Forsaken classes

memory leak fixes
small updates
AI can swap only with its allies. Barrel thrower is now 'rooted', ie. cannot be rammed or swapped(AI).
gx banner fixes (werebeasts)

added new QoL feature: two buttons for: displaying up to given layers' elevation level in battlefield map
new banners added

Forsaken faction added to world (default campaign only), 1st & 2nd zones.
4th zone added (ruins). 3rd zone is "Undergrounds" as before.
Mutator extraction after battle: no more than 2 duplicates
added new trait: Forsaken Wrath (aura)
scavengers: removed Light Foot from: warrior, spearman and axeman for balance reasons
AI: charge, ram and grab won't be rolled at 50% anymore, rather 100% of time if available targets
ally AI won't swap with player-controlled units anymore
'proj. defl.' fixes, other small updates
spine2d updates bonefisher
added 'Forsaken Berserker'; Blood Lust II: MAX HP heal on killing blow 60 -> 70%
projectile deflection: slightly reduced the 'deflection range'
snipe min-range set to 1
more banners added (each strongVS has its own banner!)
banners update (paged UI in party screen & gx fixes)
Delirium: made scalable mutator, ie. charges: 1 (at lvl 1) -> 5 (at lvl 10), start MAX HP is now 40% (was 50%)
removed Delirium from necro warrior and beast puller

made Delirium extractable

Forsaken Wrath: the bonus damage calculation now works same way as Flagrant
Battle quest (EnemyVsDefenders) updates
Battle quest (EnemyVsVIP) updates
added loading screen visuals for next zone descending
minor AI improv.

copy-editor text corrections

small sounds updates
ranged AI won't attempt to fire at projectile deflectors and rather try to find a better target

better descriptions/shouting regarding ranged support: now the camera won't focus at ranged supporter if no fire will occur (because of friendly fire, or obscured LoS or deflection). It will appear only in shout-text & log.
ranged support(in case of a deflect): damage projection updates
ranged support won't fire at proj.deflector targets

StrongVS trait is now showed also in big tooltip in battle; Forsaken elites: they have 2x strongVS.

minor bugfix
strongVS Crippled is now applied also to "injured" character.

fix for 'hanging' text bubble window on screen in battles
Forsaken elites: now only 1x strongVS from only a subset (weapons + crippled)

conquest: trilium income dryout reduced by 50% for camps/castles
Forsaken Axeman: removed 'heavy attack'

So have fun and enjoy this update!

Note that this update will break your saves so if you want to continue your run, play the previous build.


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