New build available - 0.85.14b


after 2 weeks of hard work, we released another update. 

- added new "Calamity" system
    -> added 7 types (I'll let this for you to reveal to not spoil, but let me know if you really want to know and discuss)
- UI updates & improvements
- zone 2+ enemy generation update

- lots of UI updates, tweaks and improvements
- lots of bug fixes
- proof reading corrections from (eXplorminate Rob (huge thanks!))

- non-english locales (fonts) issues fixed
- bashing into barricade damages unit
- bugfix in the 'Beasts anywhere' calamity (they were spawning even on player spawns/invalid tiles)
- brothers in arms now only applies to melee units
- hastening now stacks in charges
- music now plays in deploy phase
- UI improvements on how the player encounters multiple parties on same node (via the bottom buttons)
- armourer & weaponsmith now upgrade also inventory items
- werebeast transformation updates (now the traits gained during human form are kept when transforming back to human)
- stamina updates - reduced start value (80->72) and per-level gains 3->2. Have the feeling that on higher levels some fast chars. do too many attacks/stuff in single turn.
- added Auto saving (occurs after every battle)
- text/description improvements and additions to make the game mechanics better understandable
- text corrections/rewrites of about 25% of text by a copy-editor (WiP)
- lots of small updates, balances and tweaks
- saves won't be compatible with older versions (sorry!)

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Thanks! :)