New build available - 0.85.16


after 2 weeks of hard work, we released another update. 


- Stunned characters will get their next turn about twice as fast as in previous version.
- Last stand - 200% Lifesteal kept, but it now doesn't refresh Healing rate like it did before. So if your Healing rate from previous 'last stand' is now 0% the lifesteal heals only for a fraction!
- Bleeding damage per hit per stack reduced 15%->10%
- added new calamity - "Volcano"
- balance (start traps 5->3)
- added 'recovering' avatar UI icon (party screen)
- added 'fixed UI icons' for some traits, but not all of them (mostly omitted non-extractable & internal)
- retreat cost increased to 12 trilium + 10% of player's current trilium.
- Moles doesn't set death-hexes anymore
- added new QoL buttons to party screen
- reworked the 'Siphon' traits - now they persist increased attack damage and increase in MAX HP instead of STR/VIT. Also the persistance is tied to trait and not to char.
- Focus gain rebalanced, now the reduction value is based on char.level down to 0% (y = 1/(1.03^(lvl-1))), and is not that 'punishing'
- Infestation Calamity - increased count of inf.creatures 3x
- Berserker now has foc.ability "Rend Armour"
- Euphoria (bonus dmg) calamity balancing (bonus dmg is now not stacking)
- balance: increased Foc.gain for casting spells (Aegis,..)
- added new sounds
- added into Fortress map building "boiling oil" to make attacking much more difficult for the player (or easier when defending against AI!)
- Revenants - added new trait 'Revenant': upon falling in battle, they die (ie. no injury!)
- added new UI feature - while holding ALT, show full path to mouse cursor hex from current entity - Now works also during deploy phase, minor fixes
- lots of bugfixes, small updates, additions and improvements


- fortress now generates 2x merc of original race. Once you hired them, there won't be any new mercs coming
- party UI additions/updates
- new calamities: "Moles", "Drafting prisoners", "Infestation"
- stunning blow now procs only on unblocked hit
- traits - for some I've added better descriptions and current state (like for Masochist)
- campaign has now 4 zones (5 was a bit too much)
- huge amount of text fixes (spellchecking, sentense structure, syntax, ..) thanks to a copy-editor
- lots of bugfixes, balancing and small updates


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Jan 23, 2020

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Awesome! Best strategy game of 2020!