Major update available - 0.85.24+18

Hello all,

Some time has passed since we updated the builds here on itch. But now the time has come to do this! And by big time :)

We are here with lots of improvements, balancing, tweaks and additions. Also we've added a new Vampire class which will wreck you if not handled in time!

but let's summarize all of this in the changelog (warning: it's quite a long list)

added new feature: Mutators absorption - after x battles, a equipped mutator might get absorbed into character and become a permanent part of him.
in villages, when player attacking, sort the player spawns to be near the enemy
removed boiling oil from villages
Poison resistance - now makes progress only when poison appl. duration > 1 (ignores poison.torns)
small fix (scav.spearman had 'fire xbow' overfocus)
Discord - now sending crash logs only at 1 file at a rate of 30s.
leg.items - trait levels now range 4-10.

Bounty hunters - the spawn rate now is based on days elapsed and battles fought.
balance - cultis archer wont snipe by default, only on max-focus
fix: we cant merge leg. mutators (aka relics)

Hard diff. scaling overhaul

set Max Mutators absorptions count for each class. Most human classes have 3. Revenants have 0. The others range 1-2.
Blood Strength - bonus damage is now calculated based on current attack instead of MAX HP. Flesh eater - bonus damage is now calculated based on current attack instead of MAX HP.
mutator absorptions - added tracking and limiting abs. to max 2 mutators.
balance diff, for diff. at hard.: no level is shown in the unit info UI. Instead just "???".
balance diff, villages threshold next zone is now 50% (66%)
bounty hunters count reduced globally
"StrongVS Armour" is replacing "StongVS below"
barrel thrower: min range 6->3

Mutators absorption - now you get a proper UI prompt asking if you want to accept or reject given mutator.

small bugfix (mut. abs. crashing game)

easy/normal diff. settings balances (less enemies, lvl better scale)

bounty hunters - slightly increased the spawn timer
calamities - tuned down enemy numbers (relic, plague, escaped creatures)
hard/norml diff. scale updates/fixes for zone2+

Ram now ignores Stalwart

Introducing new game mechanics - "projectiles blocking".
it's a kind of 'ranged counter'.
1 .when a enemy character with shield (or a special trait) stands between your archer and target, the hit-chance is reduced by 90% and the blocking (guardian) enemy is most likely hit (90% as you can see)
2. any character wielding shield reduces damage of projectiles by 33%.
with this mechanic we can use the guardian, spearman and footman (who also acts as 'projectiles blocker') as a wall for blocking incoming projectiles.

small fix crashing the game when battle starts

integrated ironman UI into start game screen;

added 'stunlock' preventer: if a characters gets pushed back in timeline too much (with slow/stun/..) within short time, it gets a 'stun recovery' for 1 turn which prevents him to be further slowed (thus prevents stunlock).

worshippers bugfix - now the numbers are normalized around 13 (before 20+)

added new 'Scout' mission

Vampire transf. - add only traits which fullfill gear requirements (i.e. 'stunning blow' trait won't transfer to a billhook vamp)
barrel thrower not firing at neutral obj.
balancing (hard diff.), levelup XP increased for later levels + aprx. 50%
increased BATTLEFIELD_AGILITY_THRESHOLD_TO_2TIMES 50 -> 75. I.e. you need more speed bonus to act sooner.
added new fortress map
hard diff. - reduced the diff. scaling
maybe a bugfix for crashing game in ironman on closing rewards UI
added new siege map, small fixes
balance, 2 new siege maps


increased armour value scaling at higher tier levels
Drafting prisoner calamity - prisoner's lvl scaled to player's lvl

new Battle Quest added, minor bugfix
char. initial speed is now (0,10) random chosen when ent.gets created for its class. The drawn turn-order in deploy phase should reflect more accurate. Also added 'display turn-order' when holding ALT key in battles.

added new Game Difficulty - "The Desolation". It's the hardest.
'Desolation' difficulty:
. healing -40%
. stamina -20%
. enemy dmg +25%
. focus gain -25%
. no last stand from beginning
. injury recovery duration x1.5
. medicine cost +100%

village map generation updates (slightly more variety), beast won't have catapult.
min stamina is now 40 (was 50)
added the possibility to manage party members (equip gear, ..) while in deployment phase.
balances; new BattleQuest in works

small fixes, gx updates
added new beast class - "Rhino", AI now can use 'flip'

battlefield camera - allowed to scroll more to left
final battle - no terramorph calam.allowed

added strongVS traits to unlockable start chars (vampires, werebeasts, ???)
minor bugfix (missions)

added more variety to village battles
added new battle quest - Traders on boiling oil
when you bring into battle underleveled character (at least 2 levels below party lvl) - he will gain massive extra XP to cach up with others
injured: -33% max hp on desol.diff.
xp gain slightly reduced
armour protection raised at later levels
hard diff. balances

removed third zone from game. Now we have a total of 3 zones.
XP numbers showing in battles are now disabled by default. Will add a setting option to turn it on.

villagers in villages should not be attacked by enemy too often
werebeast axeman is projectile blocker
minor updates, tweaks and balancing

desolation diff. - foc gain -25% -> -30%
desolation diff. - removed the stamina penalty (-20%).

reduced villages count by 25% per zone.
added new beast class "porcupine"
Improved spawns for parties respecting the melee ratio
Grab - you can grab target on a landing with death pit; Flip - added better info about not being able to flip
villagers in villages: have low dmg

fixed a bug for Angel's pact, Immortal and Last Stand when in Desolaiton diff. it would kil the character (b/f of reduced healing)
Major refactor: attempt to make the timeline absolute accurate.
Elites - elite traits count fixed by given count, ie. not (1..count); scavenger spearman: first strike only for elite
volcano calamity - slightly slowed down the erruption
barrel throwers won't fire if there is an melee enemy adjacent
desolation diff. - melee enemies +25% dmg, ranged +15% (was 25%)
Acid trait/mutator - now acid is applied on any normal hit (ie. must not be blocked or critical).
villagers - added foc.abilities
starting werebeasts made elites
RAM ability - now showing also target's new position if pushed away.
improved virtual turn-order for the left graphics + above-head-numbers (ALT)
lifesteal effects now stacks

starting werebeasts are elite (thus their start lvl is 8)
Flagrant change: On taking normal damage, get bonus damage calculated based on the percentage of your HP lost, multiplied by the damage modifier (100%-150% based on mutator lvl) and your original attack, for your next hit.
Long weapon reach - now takes into account also height differences bonefisher 3/9/2020 11:51 AM
added new trait "Repose" (similar to last stand foc.ability), new base char.: Vampire Lord
added new ability "Hammering", small fix

gx updates
hard/des. diff. slight balances (at zone2+ enemy lvl increased slightly)
Lyncher - on max-focus increase damage by 10% (was 5%)
Overdose - curr.HP is reduced only when above 50% MAX HP; spearwall - first 3 hits have 100% hit chance, then it decreases by 25%. On new turn, hit chance resets again.
added spine2d assets for Vampire Lord
balance, added new trait 'Blood Frenzy' (Vampire Lord)
Projectile blocker and shield wielder are now shown as traits for corresponding classes.
start initial speed reduced (0,10) -> (0,1)
Toxic calamity Pneumonia - stamina reduction 33% -> 25%

Angel's pact - now also showing 'depletion' status; GlobalStore clear() on battle-screen
spearwall - all hits are 100%, but stamina cost raised 20->25
Fortress - valdor mercs now have wage increased by 100%

internal build

Ally shield now costs 60 stamina (was 50)
Last Stand - after triggered, MAX HP is reduced by 25% for the duration of battle

Vampires - updates on traits, added Vampire Vanquisher and Lord to starting Vampire chars.
added Vampire Vanquisher; added new ability: "Uplift", AI improv. (flip)
slightly reduced elites spawns (all diffs.)
UI overlapping buttons fix: primary abilities (big buttons) have higher priority over secondary (small buttons) when overlapping
AI combat - now the battle outcome is based on Faction type for any given member in party
werebeasst & vampire virus wont apply through Delirium
Easy diff. - slightly increased difficulty
reduced spawn rate for Bounty Hunters (-25%)
BATTLEFIELD_AGILITY_THRESHOLD_TO_2TIMES 75->85 (more Agi/speed bonus needed to get next turn)
Vampire Lord - Repose has unlocks at lvl 25
Repose - lifesteal reduced 200% -> 100%

added 2 new siege maps
added new Hex tile: "Oil geyser"
charge: damage applied is 135% (was 100%).
Valdorian armour - also increases armour protection by 25%
battle UI - improved buttons positions for resolutions < 4:3
charge abil. - if the landing hex is lethal, don't allow to jump & show an icon above such hex.
Werebeast campaign: get 100 flesh at the beginning
Vampires campaign: get 100 blood at the beginning
Boiling oil: cannot grow to higher ground (ie. +1 of elev.level) anymore.

added 2 new music tracks to world map

In the 1st zone no Valdor fortress is spawn anymore.
Party button disabled if all party members are dead (worldmap screen)
balances, minor fixes
gx updates (oil geyser additions)
Hammering won't apply negative effects when hit was blocked by Aegis, Shield-ally, Delirium or anything which nullifies damage.

internal build

maintanance build

Enjoy all the new changes and additions!

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