Urtuk - launches on Steam in Early Access on 14 February 2020!

Hello all!

After 4 years of development we are going to release Urtuk on Steam into EA on 14 February 2020!

We will be still maintaining and syncing any version released on steam with what you can find here on itch. For all those you bought the game here at itch, you will be sent a steam key, so don't worry.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask us!

Best place to do so is our Discord or the steam forums.

Our steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1181830/Urtuk_The_Desolation

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Good work! ..just wondering if the in-game feedback works.

Hi stephP!

Oh yes the discord feedback (in-game) works. You can check it on the discord, under the channel "gamefeed-instant".

These are your messages, right?

steph: (v.0.85.11) Awesome game, just needs at least local multiplayer.

steph: (v.0.85.11) Can you differentiate with a slight different color the last slot for special items? thx

steph: (v.0.85.11) Can you add an option to start battles zoomed out?

steph: (v.0.85.11) after battles, allow to access manage party by clicking on the left party panel.

steph: (v.0.85.11) When the mouse pointer is on the edge, the game screen is shaking like an epileptic.

steph: (v.0.85.11) this append in windowed mode and full screen mode.

steph: (v.0.85.11) strange, the epilectic screen during battle doesn't appear on every battles.

yes :)

Good Luck!