New build available - 0.85.03

Hey guys,

today we released another update of Urtuk.

Please see the changelog:

- Instant feedback improvements
- new Camera auto-follow option in Settings (you can limit the camera follow now)
- lots of new traits (First strike, Berserker duelyst, etc..)
- UI & readability improvements in battles
- new "Cultist" classes added (for some quest for now)
- deploy options improved & UI enhancements
- update: when strongVS progresses to MAX(20/20), the first hit is a critical
- Spearman and Berserker tweaks and updates (added the new traits)
- new party selection when starting campaign (Berserker, Spearman and Assassin)
- visual improvements for battlefield elevated hexes where player can move up/down or attack
- tons of bug fixes, minor updates, balances and tweaks
- saves of older builds won't be compatible (sorry!)

If you have any questions or tips, please go to our forum here on itch or join our Discord!

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Nov 22, 2019 352 MB
Nov 22, 2019 355 MB
Nov 22, 2019

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