Closed beta

Hello folks!

So after 3 years of development we are ready to publish closed-beta for you!

The closed-beta build contains nearly all features of the game - including the campaign map, party managment, character development, quests, rewards and loots and much more! 

This beta will close on 1st of April 2019.

You can download the closed-beta build for Windows, MacOS, Linux (32bit) and Linux (64bit) from this page (scroll below) or from!A1RAzATC!oRvh9OPOsExIi83rpUiPYQ

Please be so kind and do not publish any screenshots or videos of this build as it is still in WIP and could potentially harm future release.

Your feedback would help us improve the player's experience and we listen to players all the time, so please if you found bugs or have any suggestions, post them into our forum here:

We also created a short questionnaire about your experience, it has only 8 questions :)

Questionnaire  In case you didn't join our Discord - you can get in touch with us and have the latest info and builds available here!

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Mar 05, 2019

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